What Is Cheap Branding and How It Can Serve Your Business Well

What Is Cheap Branding and How It Can Serve Your Business Well

Cheap Branding is Efficient Branding


  1. What is cheap branding?
  2. Why is cheap branding important?
  3. What should business owners do to create a cheap brand?
  4. Why is cheap branding convenient?
  5. Conclusioni

1. What is cheap branding?

Cheap branding is the process of creating a strong brand identity for your business without breaking the bank. This can be done by using a variety of low-cost or free branding strategies, such as:

  • Using a DIY logo maker to create a more appealing Logo. There are Plenty of Tools that can be used to quickly draft your personalized logo.
  • Create a free Google My Business account and leverage GMB listing to get more visibility on maps and on web researches in general. 
  • Posting high-quality content on social media including pictures, videos, stories, articles etc. 
  • Writing blog posts that showcase your expertise along with posting guides and how to type of content. Make sure you add some picture and tutorial video!
  • Finally, Networking with other businesses in your industry to expand your network

Why is cheap branding important?

A strong brand identity is vital for any business, regardless of its size or budget.

 A well-branded business is more likely to be remembered and recognized by customers, attract new customers, and can eventually set a higher price for its products or services other than providing the feeling of a more well-rounded experience.

Along with Search Engine Optimization (I have explained what SEO is and Why SEO is Important for Small Business in these articles) you can definitely hit the jackpot and revamp your activity.

How do you start to to create a "Cheap Brand"?

Don’t get fooled by the expression  “Cheap Brand”. In this case, the idea is to focus on Saving Money whilst branding your Business not selling cheap products!

Here are some tips for business owners who want to approach the “cheap brand” methodology:

  1. Start by defining your brand and asking yourself some questions. What are your core values? What does your brand represent? What is important for you? Once you have everything clear in your mind and what your brand is all about, you can start to develop a visual identity that reflects those values.
  2. Use a DIY logo maker. Your logo is your signature. There are plenty of free and low-cost logo makers available online. These tools can help you create a professional-looking logo without having to hire a designer and save some money at the same time. It will be a learning exercise but will be definitely fun!
  3.  Did you know that you can create a free Google My Business account? A Google My Business  account (also referred as GMB page or listing) is a free way to create a listing for your business on Google Maps and other Google properties. This will help potential customers find your business online and eventually have more leads.
  4. Nothing gets more traction than Posting high-quality and unique content on social media these days. Social media is a great way to connect with potential customers and build brand awareness. Remember that your high-quality content must be relevant to your target audience.
  5. Have you ever thought about writing blog posts to showcase your expertise? Blogging is a great way to share your knowledge and with your audience and ultimately, with anyone. This can help you become an authority in your field and attract new business. Don’t underestimate this aspect as it generates traction in the end!
  6. Network with other businesses in your industry will be definitely another good choice that comes for free. Networking is a great way to meet new people other as well as customers and potential business partners. Join events and meetups and get involved in industry, and connect with other businesses on social media.

Why is cheap branding convenient?

There are a number of reasons why cheap branding is convenient for business owners.

First, it can save you a lot of money. The idea is to work already on something that you can do with little to no need for additional effort. Maybe you have already your logo in mind or a draft on your desk and you always waited to crack on with its design. By using DIY tools and free resources, you can create a professional-looking brand without spending any additional money

Second, cheap branding is a quick and effective thing you can include in your path to success. You can post high-quality content on social media in minutes if not in seconds. This means that you can start building your brand identity right away, even if you don’t have a lot of time or money to spare. Practice will make you perfect.

Finally, let’s talk about the flexibility when approaching cheap branding. You have a chance to change a revise your branding materials at zero cost. This means that you can keep your brand fresh and relevant without having to spend a lot of money on change management and eventually get in touch with your network to get some fresh opinions.


I understand that all this points can be overwhelming at once but this  grants you at least the starting point for your branding. Many steps are required to achieve success but cheap branding is a great way to create a strong brand identity for your business without breaking the bank.

If you feel capable, by following the tips in this article, you can create a professional-looking brand that will help you attract new customers and grow your business.

Otherwise, feel free to reach out to get help from me.

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