Email Marketing

Email Marketing

An average of 300 bn email are send and received every single day and 21% of them are opened within the first hour. Nowadays, Emails are by large the most used way of communication. The double the face-to-face/ in person meeting and smash the comparison with phone calls.

Why is So Popular?

Email Marketing has brought 4200% ROI (this means that you get 42 euros for each 1 euro spent) and is 40% better at converting compared to Facebook and Instagram.

Lead generation, sales, and customer retention are just some of the applications used every day, and here’s the bonus: they can be automated.

 At Auron Digital, we offer email marketing automation helping your business to own your marketing with ad hoc customer segmentation and strategic email flow. Leveraging our tools, you’ll be able to unlock your brand potential and create unlimited and personalized customer experiences.

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