How to get more Google Reviews to Boost Customer Loyalty and Retention

How to get more Google Reviews to Boost Customer Loyalty and Retention

Can Google Reviews Boost Customer Loyalty and Retention?

Nowadays, we all find ourselves browsing Google before deciding on something. The obvious fact is that Google Reviews can make or break a business in a split second.

If we look a customers’ behaviors, over 81% of customers are likely to check Google Reviews before visiting a business and more than 54% are eager to read at least 4 Reviews before making up their minds. Additionally, 3 out of 4 consumers left reviews (positive or negative) in the last year for their local shops. 

As you can see from the stats, reviews are essential for attracting new clients, earning and maintaining trust from existing ones, and increasing your online visibility on Google and other platforms. 

In this comprehensive post, I’ll show you how to get Google reviews the right way and explain why they are essential for building customer loyalty and increasing customer retention. 

Finally, I‘ll share five easy methods to encourage your customers to leave reviews.

A Friendly email to get more Google Reviews

If a customer makes a purchase or uses your services, why waste the opportunity to show your appreciation? This is the perfect opportunity to send them a friendly and grateful email, expressing your thanks for their support and for the fact that they’ve chosen you amongst other businesses.

A warm and personal tone will do super-fine, just go ahead and gently request to share their experience by leaving a Google review. Remember, a little politeness can go a long way in encouraging customers to take the time to leave feedback.

A simple Review process via a Direct Link

Google My Business Logo

Most of the time we do already have the contacts from our clients. To make the review process hassle-free, just include a direct link to your Google Business Profile in your emails. This can be done whenever you send a confirmation email as well as after they have purchased your services to explain your gratitude.

By doing so, you cut the need for customers to search for your business on Google. With just a click on the link, they can be directed to the review page, improving the experience and increasing the likelihood of receiving more reviews.

In case you are a Google My Business owner and you don’t know what I am talking about, Google provides a quick explanation guide here on how you can get more Review on your GMB page and how you can access your direct link

Leverage the Power of Social Media and Website

As you might have already understood from other blog posts, start considering the assets at your disposal.

Your website and social media pages are valuable assets that can reach a very wide audience. Taking advantage of these channels to request reviews from your customers is definitely a good idea.

Canva and many other tools can help you craft engaging and creative posts that encourage feedback and interaction.

Also, when customers see your request on familiar platforms, they will be more inclined to leave a review.

Offer Genuine Incentives

In case, you have just opened a business you can think about running some promo that will involve a small giveaway in exchange for a review. This is a common practice, especially to get the very first reviews in the pipeline.

While genuine reviews are invaluable, small incentives can act as a catalyst in motivating customers to share their experiences with you and with the web.

Discounts, free gifts, or exclusive offers can be appealing rewards for customers who take the time to leave a review.

Just make sure to be transparent and genuine in your approach, ensuring that the incentives add real value to the customer’s experience. You are not there to bribe your clients!

Timing is the Key

Make sure to time your review to improve the impact of the response rate. A good moment to ask is straight after a customer’s purchase so their memory is still fresh.

A timely request demonstrates that their opinions genuinely matter to you and encourages a more immediate response. Finally, a good practice is to automate the review cycle with some software. It might be more expensive but in general, this pays off.

The Impact Of Reviews on Customer Loyalty and Retention

Are you wondering how all this ties up with Customer Loyalty and Retention?

Even if you might have guessed some of the points, I’d love to have a chance to go through some aspects you might have missed.

Informed Decision

Your usual clients know about you and your business however, they would always want to be up to date with your products or services. Even if they shop from you regularly, they might still want to check what other people think about their choice. 

Brilliant reviews will answer questions like: “Why should I go there instead of trying something new” or: “I wonder if the food is still good at the restaurant” and so on. 

Keep up with asking for Review and they will keep up with bringing new clients.

Focus Trust and Credibility

Many of our purchases are driven by two aspects: Trust and Credibility.

As simple as it looks, no one will eventually buy from a shop that doesn’t look legit and doesn’t have reviews. Buying your products or services equals trusting you and what you offer. Be honest and Transparent (AKA Trustworthy) and clients will be loyal to you and your brand.

Attracting New Customers

Good Reviews will synergically attract new customers from day one. Think of it like a vicious circle: the more reviews you get the more visibility you get. The more visible you are, the easier your client will be shopping from you.

What really Makes the Difference

I can honestly prove that what makes the difference is the way you propose yourself. Clients come and go but it’s your call to make the come over and over. Be genuine in giving opinions, be supportive, and politely guide them through the purchase.

Give them space when they need some, and stay by their side when they need help. Purchasing is ultimately an experience and has to be treated like that.

One final consideration is to reply to the review you get from your client on Google or in any other platform you might use. This will eventually increase the chances of ranking higher with your Google My Business page and along with SEO e Other Marketing Techniques you will get more visibility.


In this article, we talked about Google Reviews and Customer Loyalty and Retention.

Google Reviews (and other Reviews in general) are essential for your business’s reputation. They help attract and keep customers coming back. Applying some of the review strategies listed in this blogpost and showing genuine appreciation for customer feedback, will help you build a loyal customer base and naturally attract new clients.

Keep it personal, make leaving reviews easy, and never forget to thank your customers for their input. Reviews will give you valuable feedback for improving your products or services as well as leading to long-term business growth and ultimate success.

when it comes to Customer Loyalty and Retention,  start with embracing the power of reviews as a core part of your business strategy. By doing so, you can harness positive customer feedback to propel your business to new heights in the digital world.

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