Supply Chain Consultancy

What is your weakest link?

High inventory value, inefficient production, or shipment delays, all lead to one and one thing only: disappointed customers. Take back control of your supply chain, booking an in-depth session with me, and improve your supply chain management.

Flexibility is the Key

No Matter what we do, things change and the world reacts. Sometimes, this leverages a butterfly effect where every business gets involved. Global Crysis of transport, pandemics, shortages in commodities and raw material makes your supply chain cripple down in a fraction of a second. Whether or not your company will survive depends mostly on the structure of its supply chain. Being flexible doesn’t mean have no inventory or sitting on a huge amount of stock. It entails the capacity of absorbing fluctuation and have a risk plan in place when something new arises. 

Do you know your best and worst-case scenarios defined, numbers on hand?

Supply Chain Consultancy | Auron Digital
Supply Chain Consultancy | Auron Digital

Am I doing right?

Here are some of the questions you should be able to answer in no time. If you can’t, well, you might need some help.

What if your main supplier goes bankrupt?

What’s your forecasting process?

Are you able to justify what you are buying and producing accordingly with your Forecast?

What is your Inventory value today?

Book a call and let's find the answers together